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Sauna for Sports Performance and Recovery
When I first started out as a physiotherapist, I w... Read More
The Link between Genetics, Sun Exposure and Skin Cancer
Melanoma is a well-known enemy in Australia. It is... Read More
Is Warming Up for Cycling Worth It?
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How to Remove Massage Oil Stains
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The Ergogenic Window of Opportunity with Sodium Bicarbonate
Sodium Bicarbonate has been used by athletes for y... Read More
Olympic Athletes Live Longer
Want to live longer? It’s simple - just be an Ol... Read More
Short Versus Long Warm Ups
The warm-up is subject to its fair share of debate... Read More
Caffeine Optimises High Intensity Interval Training
Caffeine’s elevated status within the fitness co... Read More
An Update on Hamstring Injury Risk Factors
A new systematic review and meta analysis just pub... Read More
Warming Up Has Changed
It wasn’t all that long ago that a warm up consi... Read More
Anti-Bacterial, Performance Enhancing Skincare for Triathletes
Saddle sores, chafing, blisters and subsequent ski... Read More
Rhiannon Hughe's- Rower, Physio and Triathlete
Rhiannon started her life in Alice Springs then mo... Read More
Kona Bound and 43, age is no barrier! Meet Ryann Mills Male Triathlete
What started with a corporate triathlon soon becam... Read More
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