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Season's Greetings From Premax

1 Dec 2014
Randall Cooper
With Christmas fast approaching, I thought I would use the blog to say thank you to everyone for a fantastic 2014 for Premax. To all our customers, distributors, retail outlets, sponsored athletes and teams, and staff – thank you very much. Whilst is been a great year for us, 2015 is shaping up to be very exiting as well…

One of the most exciting things for Premax in 2015 will be the launch and promotion of some new products and sizings. Our Sports Sunscreen is moving to a SPF50+ product, providing maximum protection for everyone playing sport or exercise related outdoors. And for those who like the light and dry formula, it's just the same (if not even better). The Anti Friction Cream remains unchanged, but it will be also available in a small 50mL tube, perfect for the backpack, jacket pocket or even in your kit on those long rides. The massage creams continue to increase in popularity and sales, and we were caught short of stock a few times this year as sales exceeded expectations on numerous occasions. We’ve taken step to ensure this won’t happen again!

In 2014 we were pleased to welcome Singapore business Javy Sports to our small but growing list of overseas distributors. Javy have been doing an outstanding job getting our products 'out there' in Singapore, and we're looking forward to growing the brand further in South East Asia next year. We're also negotiating and working with companies in North America and Europe at the moment and hope to announce partners in these regions early next year as well.

Our sponsorship with Cycling Australia has been recently renewed and we're pleased to be partnering with them again for 2015 and 2016 at the least. We're also really pleased to continue to support cycling further with sponsorship deals also continuing with Budget Forklifts, Avanti Racing, Data#3 Symantec, and the Holden Women's Cycling Team to name a few.

Our website will also undergo a major overhaul in first few months of next year. Our new site will be responsive to all devices, especially smart phones, and include an easier and better buying experience for our online shoppers. The blog will get bigger and better with all the old bloggers agreeing to continue on, and we'll have a few new people contributing to as well. Although our YouTube channel videos have had over 150,000 views in the past 12 months, we think we can do better with some new presenters and videos. To those of you who watched them - thanks! And we hope to have even more fun on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If you haven’t already, you can join in the fun (and giveaways) too.

From all of us at Premax, please be safe over the holidays, and I wish you all a happy and prosperus 2015.

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