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Anti Friction Cream

A long lasting, multi-purpose, and high-performance formula used by the world’s best athletes. It reduces the friction and subsequent abrasion of skin to skin or fabric to skin contact. Premax Anti Friction Cream also contains Tea Tree Oil to help protect the skin from harmful bacteria.

  • What’s special about Premax Anti Friction Cream?

    Premax Anti Friction Cream is a truly authentic product, formulated from scratch in collaboration with some of the world’s best cyclists and triathletes. It’s a unique formula, that’s long lasting and effective. A product that you can trust.

    We have long list of high-level athletes and teams that we supply with our Anti Friction Cream. There’s world tour cycling teams and professional triathletes of course, however this product is also used by runners, footballers, cricketers, and tennis players from world standard to weekend warrior. We’re happy about that too – we’re a brand for everyone who’s into sport, health and exercise, not just the elite.

    When you’re looking for an anti-chafing product, the number one feature you’ll be looking for obviously is that it works, and that you can trust it to work when it matters. James Downing, an Australian XC Mountain Bike athlete who has been on the MTB marathon circuit for many years sums it up as well as we could…

    “As an elite cyclist, the requirements for me to be good on race day are the hours and kilometres that I do week in week out with my training. It is not uncommon for me to do 20,000km or more in a calendar year in all sorts of weather and as you could expect this puts a fair bit of stress on the body. I rely on the Premax Anti Friction Cream daily in order to ensure that the interaction between my body and the bike saddle is as comfortable as possible. Cycling is one of the hardest sports that you can do and knowing that you can rely on a product to protect your skin and allow you to perform as expected is a huge factor in the overall scheme of things.”
    James Downing,
    Elite Mountain Bike Athlete

    Having 100% trust in the performance and effectiveness of Premax Anti Friction Cream will help your confidence and subsequently your athletic performance. Chafing, and soreness from chafing is one thing you won’t have to worry about when you’re using Premax.

    The consistency of Premax Anti Friction Cream is unique. Best described as ‘in the middle’ it’s not watery and thin, or a thick paste. It’s a moderate, smooth and silky cream with a refreshing scent that washes out of clothes and cycling knicks easily.

    Premax Anti Friction Cream also contains tea tree oil to help protect the skin from nasty bacteria.

    For the ladies, please take a look at our Women's Anti Friction Cream. It’s just as effective as our original Anti Friction Cream but specially formulated for women. Our super light and dry Sports Sunscreen and Weather Protection Facial Cream for windy and cold conditions are also a wonderful adjunct to our anti friction creams.  

    For wetsuits and those who prefer a stick balm, please take a look at the Premax Anti Friction Balm.

  • How should you use Premax Anti Friction Cream?

    Many athletes will happily let you know that Premax Anti Friction Cream is their preference, however when the conversation turns to how and where to apply it, most get a little shy. We’re not so shy, so read on if you dare!

    The most important thing is to know where the areas of pressure and fiction occur.

    For cyclists, this is the area around and between your genitals and anus, and the inner part of your upper thigh. Some people apply it to their knicks, some to the skin, some both. It doesn’t really matter as long as you get it in the right spot.

    For runners, it’s usually between the upper thighs, around chest straps, bras and tight upper body garments.

    Apply the cream to where it’s going to rub, before it hurts. Once your skin starts to break down with chafing, it’s too late.

    So how much should be applied? Again, there’s no right answer as what you do, your skin type, the humidity on the day, your clothing, your seat, how long you exercise/ride, and how much you sweat all play a part.

    Some people get away with as little as 5mL (1 x teaspoon), others need 30mL (tablespoon) or more per ride/session. After a few sessions with Premax Anti Friction Cream you’ll work out what’s right for you, but to start it’s better to use a little more than a little less for obvious reasons. And for those who exercise all day (and night), you should reapply every 3-5 hours.

    “From racing over cobbles, in the pouring rain or on the absolute rivet in a time trial, Premax Anti Friction Cream has saved my skin more times than I can count. I’ve definitely learnt the hard way, to never leave home without it.”
    Alistair Donohue,
    4x Paracycling World Champion, 2x Silver Paralympic Medalist | Rio2016

  • Directions for Use

    Test product for any skin irritation on a small area of the skin prior to use. Apply generously and evenly at least 5 minutes before starting your activity. Reapply frequently especially after excessive sweating or prolonged activity.

    For endurance events, reapply every 3-5 hours.

    If irritation develops, discontinue use.

    Store below 30°C.

    "I’ve tried a lot of anti chafe and chamois cream products on the market, and nothing performs as well as Premax Anti Friction Cream. With this product, chafing is one thing I don’t have to worry about. It’s got a fresh clean scent and the anti bacterial tea tree oil keeps the nasty bugs away. It’s simply awesome."
    Owain Matthews,
    Triathlete, World 70.3 Age Group Champion (35-39) 2016, Triathlon Coach

  • Ingredient List
    • Water,
    • Mineral Oil,
    • Isopropyl Palmitate,
    • Petrolatum,
    • Cetearyl Alcohol,
    • Polysorbate-60,
    • Lanolin,
    • Glyceryl Stearate,
    • Dimethicone,
    • Paraffin,
    • Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Leaf Oil,
    • Carbomer,
    • Xanthan Gum,
    • Fragrance,
    • Tetrasodium EDTA,
    • Triethanolamine,
    • Phenoxyethanol,
    • Imidazolidinyl Urea,
    • Methylparaben

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Matthew Glaetzer

Dual Olympian, 2018 Sprint World Champion, 2012 Team Sprint World Champion, 3x Commonwealth Games Gold, 14x National Champion

Having used Premax products for several years now I find they have never let me down in the areas of comfort on the bike and recovery off the bike.

Harry Sweeney

Professional Cyclist, Mitchelton-Bike Exchange

Premax Anti Friction Cream is an absolute life saver for the rigours of our sport, weather it be 40+ degree days, rain and cold or even cobbles, it gets the job done. We are lucky enough to have this product on hand through training and racing so we are never without skin protection.

Colin Sturgess

Former World Champion, DS - Madison Genesis

As a professional World Champion I always strived for the very best, and now in my team management role, I’ve found in Premax a product line that meets my exacting standards. I wouldn’t want Madison Genesis riders using anything less than the best. I’ve used a multitude of products throughout my racing career, and on the rare occasion I pin a number on these days, I’m happy to count Premax as an essential part of my routine.

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