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Men's Cycling Pack

If you’re into taking good care of your body, then that should include taking good care of your skin. For cyclists, we can help. Our Men’s Cycling Pack will keep you saddle sore and chafe free, protect you from the sun’s damaging rays when you’re out on those long rides on hot sunny days, and prevent chapped and irritated skin from cycling in the wind and cold. You will save 10% when purchasing these products in this pack compared to buying them separately.

  • What’s in the Men’s Cycling Pack?

    In this value-added pack, there’s;


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    “I use and trust all the Premax products, however I’d have to say that the Sports Sunscreen is my favourite product, I think it’s great. You lather yourself up with it and you can have it on for hours and you don’t get burned at all because it’s factor 50, sweat resistant, water resistant. You whack a layer of that on and you can stay Casper for the rest of the year!”
    Conor Swift
    2018 British Road Race Champion


    “From racing over cobbles, in the pouring rain or on the absolute rivet in a time trial, Premax Anti Friction Cream has saved my skin more times than I can count. I’ve definitely learnt the hard way, to never leave home without it.”
    Alistair Donohue
    2018 Para Road World Champion, 2x Silver Paralympic Medallist


    “Having used Premax products for many years now I find they have never let me down in the areas of comfort on the bike and recovery off the bike.”
    Matthew Glaetzer
    Dual Olympian, 2018 Sprint World Champion, 2012 Team Sprint World Champion, 3x Commonwealth Games Gold, 14x National Champion

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