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A long lasting, multi-purpose, and high-performance formula used by the world’s best athletes. It reduces the friction and subsequent abrasion of skin to skin or fabric to skin contact. Premax Anti Friction Cream also contains Tea Tree Oil to help protect the skin from harmful bacteria.

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Anti Friction Cream


Tea Tree Oil for anti-bacterial benefit
Protects skin from chafing and friction
Multi purpose
Ultra endurance formula


Matthew Glaetzer

Dual Olympian, 2018 Sprint World Champion, 2012 Team Sprint World Champion, 3x Commonwealth Games Gold, 14x National Champion Matt G
Having used Premax products for several years now I find they have never let me down in the areas of comfort on the bike and recovery off the bike.

Harry Sweeney

Professional Cyclist, Mitchelton-Bike Exchange Harry
Premax Anti Friction Cream is an absolute life saver for the rigours of our sport, weather it be 40+ degree days, rain and cold or even cobbles, it gets the job done. We are lucky enough to have this product on hand through training and racing so we are never without skin protection.

Colin Sturgess

Former World Champion, DS - Madison Genesis Colin
As a professional World Champion I always strived for the very best, and now in my team management role, I’ve found in Premax a product line that meets my exacting standards. I wouldn’t want Madison Genesis riders using anything less than the best. I’ve used a multitude of products throughout my racing career, and on the rare occasion I pin a number on these days, I’m happy to count Premax as an essential part of my routine.

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