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Darren McMillan

Darren shares his time equally between working at the Richmond Football Club, Olympic Park Sports Medicine Centre and his home practice aPhysio. He enjoys the pressure and environment that comes with working for an elite level sporting team, while also enjoying the challenge and more personal nature of private practice. Because of his work with aussie rules football, Darren has become very experienced in dealing with injuries to the lower limb, particularly, posterior leg injuries and groin/ankle dysfunction. His blog entries are likely to see a bent towards these subjects. Darren loves to be reading the freshest literature, and then practicing physiotherapy from these sources. This leads to an ever adapting evidence based approach which usually sees his patients return to their chosen sport, quickly, and more importantly, without further injury. Darren’s role on this blog will be to bring you the most recent and relevant research that will expand your knowledge, and hopefully keep you active and fit for longer.

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Blog Posts by Darren McMillan

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