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Paul Visentini

Paul is a Specialist Sports Physiotherapist (FACP), one of only seven physiotherapists in Victoria with this clinical specialty, and a Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist Titleholder. He is a director of Physiosports Brighton and has been a practicing physiotherapist for 20 years. Paul has provided services to the Melbourne Tigers NBL basketball team (1998-2005), Collegians Football Club (2001-), EPS, AFS, Mercury Multisport and Tr-Response triathlon squads, Southern Saints Netball Club (2009-), and the Brighton Grammar Boat Club (2002-). He has been a clinical tutor in the Melbourne & Latrobe University Masters in Sports Physiotherapy courses, and a member of the Victorian Institute of Sport Patellar Tendon study group. Paul has a special interest in the lower back/pelvis, overuse injuries of the lower limb, as well as the assessment of bike set-up and its relationship to injury.

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