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How Premax Massage Creams Improve Athletic Performance

30 Apr 2020
Randall Cooper
"Some of the smaller aspects of an athlete’s regime such at the type of massage creams and lotions that are used can make a meaningful difference to their sporting performance as well." Insights into how massage products can improve athletic performance.

For motivated sports people who are looking to improve their performance most will look to train harder, change their diet, get stronger in the gym, or spend up on the latest sports tech. All those strategies may work, however some of the smaller aspects of an athlete’s regime such at the type of massage creams and lotions that are used can make a meaningful difference to their sporting performance as well. 

When I worked as a sports physiotherapist with the Australian Winter Olympic Team and the Hawthorn AFL Football Club I was rubbing all sorts of oils, creams, lotions and potions on athletes every day. Many of the products ‘worked’ – provided lubrication for massage, or ‘heated up’ aching muscles. They were functional, but that was it.

However, many of the athletes didn’t like the feeling of these products on their skin, and left them feeling greasy and uncomfortable. In the case of massage oils and creams, some of my athletes would schedule their treatment early before a training, game or race so they could shower after treatment to get the cream or oil off their skin. I listened to what the athletes said and started Premax to address those concerns.



Great sports massage products should provide athletes and clients with three concurrent benefits; the ability for the skin to sweat, allow athletes to focus on performance, and an improvement of the condition of their skin.


Breathable Massage Creams and Lotions

Research published in the Journal of Athletic Training in 2016 looked into whether athletic skin creams (sunscreen in this case) interfered with sweating. The results indicated that the ‘wrong’ cream used on an athlete’s skin can reduce sweating to the same extent as an anti-perspirant. 

At Premax, we work with a large number of professional teams and their sports medical staff in product development, and continually listen to feedback regarding our creams and thermoregulation. When used correctly, our creams wipe off clean and leave the skin fresh to sweat normally so athletes don’t overheat.


Athlete Focus

Athletes need to focus, whether it be in on the football field, tennis court, riding a grand tour mountain stage, or running through traffic in the city. Sports specific massage creams and lotions that feel comfortable on the skin during treatment, and wipe off clean helps prevent psychological distraction by the athlete being uncomfortable in a layer of greasy cream.


Maintain or Improve Skin Condition

Exercise and sports can be tough on skin, sustaining damage battling the elements such as the sun, cold and wind – and opponents!  Premax massage creams and lotion contain, uniquely, a long list of natural ingredients that condition and nourish the skin, so much so we’ve heard of both practitioners and athletes taking the products home and using them as their regular moisturiser.


The right massage creams and lotions can make a significant difference to sporting experience and performance. It’s the reason our products are the choice of elite teams, athletes, and sports medical health professionals all over the world.




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