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How to Remove Massage Oil Stains

1 Sep 2020
Randall Cooper
Over time, massage oils, creams, and waxes can build up in towels and create stains and odour. Following a few simple tips, therapists can keep their towels clean and fresh.

Here's a few tips for you to try;

  • Use as little product as possible during treatment - the oils and creams do slowly absorb into the skin, so what's left to wipe off should be minimal
  • Wash towels as soon as possible following treatment sessions - the longer any oils or wax stays on the towels the harder they are to remove
  • Pre-treat stains in the towels with a spot stain remover. Here in Australia we recommend Sard Wonder Spray
  • Add additional detergent to the wash to super clean your towels in a warm or hot wash - you may need to double rinse to remove all the detergent 
  • Where possible avoid tumble drying your towels - if oil remains in the towels, the heat of the dryer can cause stains to 'set'. It's best to dry towels on a line in the sunshine


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