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The Ergogenic Window of Opportunity with Sodium Bicarbonate

31 Aug 2020
Randall Cooper
Sodium Bicarbonate has been used by athletes for years to help boost athletic performance, and there’s an emerging evidence base now supporting its effectiveness. The time to peak effectiveness after ingestion or application however has been somewhat of a mystery. A new study sheds some light on the issue.

The study published in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise investigated the specifics, by looking into whether individual variation in athletes’ time ingesting sodium bicarbonate necessitates individualising their dosages.

The study gathered 13 men and had them ingest 0.3 grams of sodium bicarb per kilogram of bodyweight on three occasions. After eating a standardised meal, the participants had their blood levels continually assessed in ten-minute intervals for three hours and then in 20-minute intervals for one further hour, allowing the study to measure the time for their bicarbonate pharmacokinetic levels to peak, as well as their absolute peak and absolute peak change.

The study found elevated blood bicarbonate levels between 75 - 240 mins following ingestion, resulting in a long-lasting window of opportunity for ergogenic potential. The authors of the paper concluded that trying to time the ‘peak’ for Sodium Bicarbonate isn’t necessary.

For the study abstract: click here!

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