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Cycling: Going The Distance
I remember as a teenager seeing a documentary in t... Read More
Saddle Height and Knee Injuries
Cycling and knee injuries go hand in hand. Pain in... Read More
Poor Biomechanics May Lead To ACL Injuries
Dynamic knee valgus, or inward turning of the knee... Read More
Load, Load, Load.. Blah, Blah, Blah!
I have enjoyed the recent papers and the more rece... Read More
Do ACL Injury Prevention Programs Work?
Anyone who plays a change of direction sport like ... Read More
Happy FebFast! Time To Get Rid Of That Gut
The holiday period is unique for many things….ov... Read More
Preventing Muscle Injuries: Part 1 Hamstrings
Despite spending the last four articles explaining... Read More
Think Twice Before Changing Your Bike Set Up
When was the last time you adjusted your seat heig... Read More
Should You Change Your Running Technique?
Running technique is now seen as one of the most i... Read More
Is The Upper Body Important In Cycling?
Let’s face it, cyclists are not well known for h... Read More
The Importance of Massage Therapy in Sport
Therapeutic and sports massage is essential ingred... Read More
New Year's Resolutions
Two weeks into the New Year and according to stati... Read More
The Travelling Athlete: Tips from a Sports Physiotherapist
After taking a driving holiday with my family over... Read More
Season's Greetings From Premax
With Christmas fast approaching, I thought I would... Read More
Optimising Muscle Recovery After Injury - Part 4: Wrap Up With Fibrosis
Before wrapping up this series on muscle repair by... Read More
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