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Blistering Concerns
A first Grand Slam semifinal is a big milestone in... Read More
Massage Improves OA Knee Pain
Osteoarthritis is a chronic and progressive condit... Read More
The Modern High Performance Manager with Mick Hughes and Phil Coles
In the latest of “Mick talks to…”, I sat dow... Read More
The Ideal Cycling Cadence
Cycling is a sport with many variables. When you w... Read More
Returning to Sport Too Soon Following ACL Reconstruction
For most ACL reconstructed patients, their first c... Read More
Dealing with Injuries: An Athlete's Perspective
In the lead up to the Rio Olympic Games, Australia... Read More
Achilles Tendinopathy with Mick Hughes and Peter Malliaras
In the latest instalment of “Mick talks to…”... Read More
Should Endurance Athletes Lift Weights?
Everyone is looking for an edge, and if you’re a... Read More
An Update on Blood Flow Restriction Training
Once only in the domain of body building, blood fl... Read More
An Interview with Randall Cooper
Randall Cooper has experienced the highs and lows ... Read More
Hamstring Injuries with Mick Hughes and Steven Duhig
In the next instalment of “Mick talks to…”, ... Read More
Healthy Eating has Changed
Despite a renewed focus on exercise and activity, ... Read More
Plantar Heel Pain with Mick Hughes and Hamish the Physio
I am taking a change of pace from my usual blogs f... Read More
Preventing Numb or Tingling Hands whilst Cycling
Whilst not as prevalent as injuries to the knee an... Read More
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