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The Curse of the Cuboid
The cuboid is small bone sitting at the top of the... Read More
Rotator Cuff Injuries in Tennis
Shoulders are a complex body part. They consist of... Read More
Why You Feel Stiff and Tight
I have a biased sample, but everyone is telling me... Read More
Does Dry Needling Work for Sports Injuries?
Dry needling is a technique that involves insertin... Read More
The ITB - Between a Rock and a Hard Place
The Iliotibial band, also known as the ITB has a b... Read More
Early Sport Specialisation. Good or Bad?
It’s a great time of year for sport, and it’s ... Read More
Pilates Takes to the Field
By now most people have heard of Pilates. But what... Read More
Does Self-Massage Improve Sports Performance?
Massage has long been a staple component of the pr... Read More
So, what is the core and why does it have to be stable?
The concept that a strong and stable ‘core’ is... Read More
Core Stability in Cycling
Core stability is a frequently used term but often... Read More
Load Management and Treatment of Plantar Fasciitis
One of the most common causes of heel pain is Plan... Read More
Is Massage an Effective Sports Recovery Strategy?
Sports people whether professional or amateur are ... Read More
The Importance of Sleep for Athletes
I often ask my patients what recovery strategies t... Read More
Muscle Injuries in Tennis
Whether it is stretching to a wide forehand or sim... Read More
What Makes a Successful Health Practitioner?
I’ve been recently thinking about the common tra... Read More
Giving Tennis Elbow the Flick
Tennis elbow is a condition that can affect more t... Read More
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