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Swim, bike, run. It's not a sport, it's a religion. Be inspired by triathlete stories, blogs about improving performance, and a deep dive in to why our products are awesome for triathletes

Kona Bound and 43, age is no barrier! Meet Ryann Mills Male Triathlete

What started with a corporate triathlon soon became a complete passion and obsession for the sport. Ryann Mills at 43 is still pushing his boundaries and setting PB's. Ryann is Kona Bound this year!

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Rhiannon Hughe's- Rower, Physio and Triathlete

Rhiannon started her life in Alice Springs then moving to South Australia saw her start her studies in Sports Science which is where she was introduced to Rowing and Cycling. Now an avid competitive triathlete and sports physiotherapist, Rhiannon has a very inspiring story.

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