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An invigorating cream formulated for sport and exercise combining five key elements; Sodium Bicarbonate, Magnesium, Caffeine, a mild warmth, and a blend of natural ingredients to protect the skin from the rain, wind and cold. With a fresh scent and a silky smooth, breathable texture this is where athlete performance meets skin science.


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Warm Up Cream Formula EP5

Performance skincare developed, tested and proven in elite sport



James Downing

This stuff is different
Warm Up Cream Formula EP5 It worked very well. No burn to the skin, no irritation or discomfort. The muscles were kept warm and were able to function very well under the conditions.


Warm Up Cream Formula EP5 I just love the warm feeling on my skin and how light the creme actually is! The smell is super nice as well and I am feeling well equipped for the fresher season!


Warm Up Cream Formula EP5 A really fab product, warms up the muscles with a pleasant smell and seems to keep doing so for a prolonged period. On long rides this is really good. Makes my legs feel fresh pre ride! Applied on an slightly arthritic ankle it kept it warm and comfortable on a long shift aswell so not just for sport

Jack Gray

Warm Up Cream Formula EP5 Premax's warm up cream is the business. I'm currently training for the London marathon, so sore and tired muscles are never far away. However, the warm up cream never fails to invigorate my legs. I've found it particularly useful for firing up my glutes, which is essential to injury prevention.

David Atkinson

Warm Up Cream Formula EP5 Does what it says on the tin. And in some style. Non greasy and great smell, it achieves some impressive warmth. I found if you massage it in well it seems to work best and peak heat was from around 20mins but sustained for an impressive amount of time. Great for those cold winter runs/activities.

Stacey Katelis

Warm Up Cream Formula EP5 Well it's freezing here in Melbourne Lockdown at the moment so the Warm Up Cream couldn't have arrived at a better time! Yesterday I needed to warm my muscles up quickly as I was logging off the computer and joining a Zwift ride with 10 minutes to start time. Other riders had been warming up for 20-30 minutes before the ride. As soon as I started cycling I felt the warmth in my quads where I had applied the cream. This helped me get straight into it and keep up. I was so pleased. I also used the Chamois cream for women so I was well prepared and had a great and comfortable ride. Looking forward to using this warm up cream outside in the elements. Smells amazing also.

Gina Ricardo

Warm Up Cream Formula EP5 I’ve been using this cream for about 3 weeks now and I love it! It doesn’t burn like other warm up creams I have used - but it noticeably makes you feel warmer when applied. It’s been magic to give me that extra motivation to get out the door for those early morning winter rides. It smells so good and feels really good once applied - the weather protection element is a huge bonus too to protect from the wind and cold. Would highly recommend.

Rhiannon Hughes

Warm Up Cream Formula EP5 After a bad experience with warm up cream in the past (another brand) I was wary. I was however pleasantly surprised with the gradual warmth released and the easy application with no oily residue. Perfect for a cool wet windy day of training or racing. Highly recommend.


Warm Up Cream Formula EP5 I have been using Premax's new warm up cream before I play tennis as a way to get my "older" body more quickly ready for comp. It works really nicely! I like the warmth generated by the cream, its light fragrance and how it enables me to move more quickly and efficiently from the start, especially when playing younger girls! Honestly it is now a religion for me and forms part of my getting ready for tennis routine every time I play. Thank you!!

Matt Darling

Warm Up Cream Formula EP5 Love this product. Perfect for cold mornings, keeping the legs nice and warm but not that really hot/stingy feeling. I even put on warm up cream under leg warmers for that extra kick..

Performance skincare developed, tested and proven in elite sport

Being the leader in superior sports skincare, we strive to find the right balance between skin science and athlete performance so that we are always at the forefront, enabling athletes to perform at their best
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