An exercise-specific, breathable and long lasting facial cream, which protects the skin in windy, cold, dry and harsh conditions.

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Weather Protection Facial Cream


Shea Butter
Macadamia oil
Vitamin e


Jessica Allen

Professional Cyclist, Mitchelton SCOTT Jess
This product is super great for our early spring races to protect from the wind and the cold. It helps keep the skin healthy and with vitamin E it helps keep our skin from drying out especially in the tough cold conditions we often race in.

René Van Engelen

Swiss Ski Team We had perfect conditions
We had perfect conditions to use the Weather Protection Facial Cream in Korea as well in Sweden with -28 Celsius. I really felt a big difference with the cream. The air still feels cold but the cold doesn’t hurt and the skin can recover way faster. So the protection part is really there!

Macey Stewart

Professional Cyclist for Wiggle High5 & the Australian Cycling Team Being a professional cyclist
Being a professional cyclist my skin takes a beating, not only from the sun, but from the wind and cold too. The Premax Weather Protection Cream has been a game changer for me on those extreme weather days. When I apply the cream, my skin feels hydrated, smooth, and fresh at the end of the day. It works!

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