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Caffeine Optimises High Intensity Interval Training

16 Aug 2020
Randall Cooper
Caffeine’s elevated status within the fitness community has taken another boost with a new study looking at its role in helping women who are overweight offset the negative physiological side effects of a high-intensity exercise regime.

The study just published in Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise subjected 24 overweight women to an 8-week high intensity interval training (HIIT) program, whilst providing a randomised mix of caffeine and placebo supplementation before each training session. Over the course of the eight weeks researchers measured participants’ body fat, testosterone, cardiorespiratory, anaerobic fitness and glucose tolerance levels.

The findings confirmed a number of things.

Firstly, HIIT was found to help women lose body fat and reduce its associated health adversities, such as androgenicity. However, HIIT has also been linked to certain side effects, such as endotoxemia (inflammation caused by increased endotoxins in the blood) and hyperinsulinemia (excess insulin levels).

This is where the caffeine comes in. The researchers found that caffeine supplementation did indeed ameliorate these offsets, by for example restraining the rise in women’s insulin levels caused by HIIT- and optimising HIIT’s positive outcomes overall.

Caffeine continues to kick goals.

Link to Study: Click here.

Photo, colleague and amazing Exercise Physiologist: Sam Rooney from Ion Training. You can follow Sam on Instagram, or check out his central Sydney outfit Ion Training here.


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