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How to Avoid Burnout in Cycling

18 Oct 2018
Randall Cooper
Endurance sports are tough. Long hours training can really take a toll on the both the body and mind, and for a sport such as cycling, burnout can easily occur when the balance isn’t right.

In this video, 2018 Para Road Cycling World Champion Alistair Donohoe discusses issues such as the warning signs of burnout, the difference between physical and mental burnout, and strategies to prevent burnout.


Alistair has used Premax products for many years, and in particular uses the Premax Anti Friction Cream regularly to prevent saddles sores and improve performance.

“From racing over cobbles, in the pouring rain or on the absolute rivet in a time trial, Premax Anti Friction Cream has saved my skin more times than I can count. I’ve definitely learnt the hard way, to never leave home without it.”
Alistair Donohue,
4x Paracycling World Champion, 2x Silver Paralympic Medallist 

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