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Kona Bound and 43, age is no barrier! Meet Ryann Mills Male Triathlete

30 Apr 2020
Randall Cooper
What started with a corporate triathlon soon became a complete passion and obsession for the sport. Ryann Mills at 43 is still pushing his boundaries and setting PB's. Ryann is Kona Bound this year!


Ryan Mills’ Story




Falling in Love with Triathlons

I had a boss who was into riding and he convinced me to do a corporate triathlon, and I l just loved it. It put me completely out of my comfort zone, but I was completely hooked.


By the next weekend I had bought a secondhand road bike and I was out there doing my first race and I’ve never looked back.


I’m definitely one of those personalities that throws myself fully into whatever I do. I haven’t looked back from the first time I had a crack at it, and still get just as excited about racing as did when I first started.


It runs deeper than merely being something that gives me personal satisfaction, otherwise you wouldn’t last in the sport. It’s more than a recreation or a hobby, particularly as you get into the more endurance end of it.


Sport and triathlon specifically is an integral part of my life. It’s more than playing a sport, it really does become a lifestyle. When I’m not being a husband a dad or working, it’s my own thing. It definitely shapes other parts of your life, like how you how you eat, how you look after your body and the people you choose to hang out with, so it comes to run quite deep in your life. Triathlon and the lifestyle it brings has become a large part of what defines me personally and also my family.


It seems counterintuitive but for me it actually makes everything else work better. The work I put into triathlon me makes me a better person, certainly a better employee and hopefully a better father and husband.



Finding Balance

I’ve seen firsthand how people can become consumed by the obsessive lure of triathlon, which is why it’s all about perspective- perspective about how it balances your life and understanding how triathlon contributes to your life rather than dominates it.


I find it really important to have a good relationship with a coach who understands this, by way of building and adapting your program so its compatible with a balanced life. I still believe at nearly 45 that I can go faster, which really drives me. I’m also very aware that it is getting harder for us older blokes, and that we no longer think we’re invincible. However, I’m still driven to set some PBs. Longevity wise, I can’t see myself not doing some form of triathlon, even as I get older and older-it keeps you young. It will always be a part of my life for a long as that is feasible.


Trusting Premax In the Moments That Matter

I sincerely mean this when I say that any brands you use in sport and particularly in triathlon the products you use become quite important. Trust is essential- you want to trust that the product you are using is the right one and is contributing to your success.


In that regard I have a huge amount of trust for Premax and I feel very comfortable recommending it to anyone who wants to get involved in sport, whether its parents who want the best product for their kids, or athletes who at the more serious end of things.


Another thing I really like about Premax is that it’s got a great story to it. It’s not a big faceless corporation- it’s a company that exists to make great products, which is really important to me as an ambassador.


And fundamentally, Premax’s products really work. When you’re out there in the sun competing for a whole day you really rely on the products you use to work, and Premax’s products do exactly that. Again, it comes down to trust, and Premax is something I trust wholeheartedly.





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