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The Importance of Massage Therapy in Sport

12 Jan 2015
Ruth Corset
Therapeutic and sports massage is essential ingredient in optimal sporting performance. As a massage therapist and professional cyclist I understand the importance of receiving and providing the best possible techniques to treat and prevent soft tissue aches, pains and injuries that are associated with recreational and intensive activities.

The benefits of massage and its effectiveness depend on the techniques and application process. Massage involves applying mechanical pressure to soft tissues, and has been linked with improved muscle flexibility, increased joint range of motion, and a decrease in muscle stiffness. Massage can also help people relax by lowering heart rate and blood pressure.

Studies report that a deep tissue massage following an intense workout results in quicker muscle recovery. There is also evidence that regular massages can complement treatments for cancer, depression, and anxiety.

Massage using products such as Premax massage creams can improve blood flow and muscle temperature, reduce heart rate, blood pressure, and cortisol levels. Most people report a feeling of relaxation, reduced anxiety, and improved mood with massage therapy. 

Athletes may benefit psychologically from regular massage therapy. From my experience, feeling relaxed both physically and mentally is an extremely important part of my regime to maximise my performance. I’d recommend massage therapy to any athlete looking to get an edge over the competition.

Whether you train, work or play, there’s nothing like a massage to alleviate the day to day stresses of life. I like to use either Premax Original or Premax Sport massage cream when trying to provide others with the same relief that I expect to receive when undergoing intensive training and racing at the national level, whilst working a 40 hour week and handling the stresses of family-life.  

I’d like to recommend Premax products to anyone who experiences soft tissue soreness, tightness, or tiredness. Make sure you pre-test each cream on a small area of skin before applying, in case of any adverse skin irritation.  

Premax products are ideal for partner massage and self-massage. I am proud to use Premax on the majority of my clients who range from office workers to professional athletes.  

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