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Joint Pain on Cold Days
Winter is approaching, and with the change in weat... Read More
The Important Role of Fascia in Movement
Until recently, fascia – connective tissue that ... Read More
Preparing for a Fun Run: Are Fuel Belts and Carb Loading Necessary?
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Massage versus Foam Roller for the ITB
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ACL Knee Reconstruction: Successful Return to Sport
There’s a popular belief that once you’ve done... Read More
Knee Pain in Cycling: Patellofemoral Pain
Pain in the front of the knee is a problem for man... Read More
Hip Injuries In Tennis
I’d like to welcome back Sports Physiotherapist ... Read More
Over Indulge? Try Eating Like The French Do
Many of us spend the first few weeks of January tr... Read More
Dos and Don'ts of Cycling Technique
It is summer time, the lycra is out and the wheels... Read More
Inside An AFL Preseason Camp
As it is the holiday season I have decided to tone... Read More
Wearable Sports Performance Analytics: A New World
I’m sure everyone would agree that this age of t... Read More
Knee Injury Rehabilitation: Finish What You Started
Let’s face it, knee injuries aren’t fun. They ... Read More
Selecting The Correct Running Shoe: Part 2
There so many options when it comes to selecting t... Read More
Single Sport Specialisation: How Young Is Too Young?
There has been an increase in the participation of... Read More
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