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Meet the Founder

Sports Physiotherapy

A terrible year was the best thing that ever happened to me. I was 16 years old and in the space of 3 months I ruptured my ACL and also acquired Guillian-Barre syndrome. In the subsequent 4 months I spent in hospital I went from being a ‘capable, but could apply himself more’ kid to a young man with drive and conviction. I had been eternally inspired, and physical health and sports medicine was my calling.

My career as a sports physiotherapist has been a dream realized. I worked in professional football for years, travelled the world with elite teams, been to an Olympic Games, helped World and Olympic champions, and become a specialist in my field. However, getting people ready to play in the local basketball grand final, run their first marathon, or bounce back to social tennis after having a bad knee for years has given me just as much satisfaction.

My fire is still the same and burning as bright as ever, it’s now being channelled into Premax.

Founding Premax

Premax started out, and was always supposed to be a side hustle. Back in the early 2000’s the ‘problem’ was that the available massage creams and oils were greasy, and caused clogged pores and breakouts. My athletes and patients had to shower after treatment. I tried everything, and nothing was good enough.

I thought to myself, someone has to do this better… hmmm, why not me?

Working with my elite sport connections, a leading cosmetic skincare engineer, and a manufacturer who I talked into taking us on, Premax started out with two skin friendly massage creams. We had no money for marketing, just a few samples to hand out via a couple of distributors that also decided to take a chance on us.

Our warehouse was my spare room, office the kitchen table, and I took two half-days off each week my physio work to drive orders around, or pack them up and leave on the front doorstep for the couriers.

Via word of mouth, and the occasional booth at a conference, Premax grew. I kept listening to what people had to say, and gradually the product line progressed. We went from two massage creams to five, all with different textures, ingredients and clinical applications. Athletes also recognised that Premax was great on their skin, and we kept getting contacted to develop products for them too. So, we did, and here we are.

Product Development

I still personally oversee every new product that we do at Premax, and the development process hasn’t changed since the day we started.

First, I start with listening to what people have to say. When you listen, you learn, so I make an effort to continually talk to athletes and practitioners about what products they use, what could be done differently, and what products don’t yet exist – but are needed.

When we decide to develop a product, it’s not us, but our community that makes the decisions on each product. We trial each sample via different athletes, teams, and health practitioners getting detailed feedback on every single aspect of every sample. Each sample is also tested not just once, but for weeks and weeks to ensure that the feedback encapsulates repeated use, not just a once off “yeah, it’s pretty good”.

We don’t use focus groups. We use real life, and real people at the top of their game who we know and trust to give us honest feedback. If we can’t get the product right at the highest level, then we don’t do it.

The Future

Although we make sports skincare products, I prefer to think that we’re in the business of keeping people healthy and fit. We’ll continue to listen, learn and collaborate to keep developing awesome products that improve people’s physical health.

We’ll keep working hard to bring our brand heritage, values, experience, knowledge and passion into our products. These attributes are already ‘formulated’ in every one of our products, however, like the athletes we know and admire, we’ll continue to strive for more.

We’ll continue to add value to the sports and health community, by more than just supplying great sports skincare products. We’ll keep our free blogs and videos featuring world-class sports medical practitioners and athletes coming on a regular basis advocating the latest evidence-based practice, and current trends in elite sport.

I’m very excited about the future. I wake up every morning enthusiastic about continuing to lead the charge in building Premax into a truly international brand, but also wanting to ensure that the health and activity of our community develops alongside us.

I’d like you to join us for the journey.


Randall Cooper
CEO Premax, Sports Physiotherapist