A multi-purpose and long lasting anti friction chamois cream formulated just for women. It’s pH balanced for the female anatomy, and also contains the natural antifungal and antibacterial tea tree oil. Premax Women’s Anti Friction Cream reduces the friction and subsequent abrasion of skin to skin or fabric to skin contact.

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Women's Anti Friction Cream


Skin friendly, pH balanced formula for women
Protects skin from chafing and friction
Multi purpose


Katie Zaferes

American Professional Triathlete, Olympian Katie
I’m so excited that Premax has an anti friction cream specific to women. It ensures that I’m comfortable on those long rides allowing me to produce the best effort and power without being distracted by discomfort in the saddle. It’s long-lasting, soothing and consistent thus enabling me to ride happy and comfortably no matter the distance.

Rebecca Wiasak

2015/16 World Champion, 2017 Australian Champion, Australian Record, Individual Pursuit, 2018/19 Australian Criterium Champion Rebecca
When getting kitted up for a training ride, applying Premax chamois cream and sports sunscreen are a part of my morning routine. I rank those as important as putting on my helmet and sunglasses.

Ellie Salthouse

Australian Professional Triathlete Ellie
I never venture out for a ride without the protection of Premax Women's Anti Friction Cream. Saddle sores and chafe can be uncomfortable and painful, taking the enjoyment out of riding and training, and subsequently my performance can suffer. Premax Women's Anti Friction Cream helps keep any irritation at bay and allows me to ride in comfort for hours on end.

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